Regulations in the field of water management

Water management in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by the Water Act (OG 153/09, 130/11 and 56/13) and the Act on Water Management Financing (OG 153/09, 90/11 and 56/13) together with the accompanying subordinate regulations.

National legislation of Croatia is harmonized with regulations of EU water-related directives, including the Floods Directive (EU Directive 2007/60/EC on the assessment and management of flood risks).

Relevant institutions for water management in Croatia are the Ministry of Agriculture and Croatian Waters.

According to the Water Act, Croatian Waters is obliged to undertake a preliminary flood risk assessment, to develop flood hazard maps and flood risk maps and to prepare flood risk management plans.

The Floods Directive obliges EU Member States to prepare the following:

  1. Preliminary flood risk assessment; Articles 4 & 5 (by 22 December 2011);
  2. Flood hazard maps and flood risk maps, Article 6 (by 22 December 2013);
  3. Flood risk management plans, Article 7 & 8 (by 22 December 2015).
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7th April 2014
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